Where Do They Go?

It is dark; 7 PM or so. The Sun has set and the colors to the west are bland, yet a look to the east reveals a spectacular cloud layer in oranges, pinks and blues. In a few minutes it is dark, anchor lights mark the location of a dozen or more sailboats and trawlers on the hook in Lake Worth to the north. To the west the lights start to appear in the condos overlooking Old Port Cove. One of our Nordhavn neighbors across the dock, a 55, has started his engine. Just a routine warm up or are they leaving? Navigation lights come on, must be leaving. Curious, we watch and of course the minute we attend to something else (refreshing an adult beverage) they are gone. Where did they go? Given the globe-girdling capability of these boats anything is possible. More than likely they are en route to the Bahamas. Our friends Kev and Anna on N62 Tesla left a few days ago and should now be in Eleuthera. On the other hand, the 55 could be headed anywhere. It is fun to speculate. To Bermuda and then the Azores and the Med? Not this time of year. Perhaps down the Caribbean chain, or through the Panama Canal and on to the islands of the South Pacific, or perhaps on to the Pacific Northwest? Anything is possible with these boats. That’s the beauty of Nordhavn.

Tivoli, on the other hand, is staying put for now. Critical maintenance is finally underway. Our long neglected teak cap rails are getting a redo. Old varnish removed, sanding to a smooth finish, teak plugs covering screws replaced, a couple cracks repaired, about 10 coats of Schooner 96 varnish, and a finish coat or two of clear Awlgrip. Easy to recount but quite tedious to do. The resulting finish on completed boats we’ve examined is a striking mirror finish that, if properly cared for, should last a few seasons. Boggy, the craftsman doing the work for Yacht Tech, is meticulous and the result shows. We can’t wait for the finish. The NAIAD stabilizer upgrade is largely done; bigger actuators, larger capacity hydraulic pump, some hoses replaced and small oil leak fixed – all with Tivoli in the water. Lower fin seal replacement and the remaining repairs await haul out next week. A number of other tasks have also been completed; AC pump fittings and hoses replaced, expansion tank on genset installed, transmission cooler hoses replaced. A small area of deck repair is also underway. Good news here, the area is indeed small and should be addressable without major surgery. We have been running a ceramic heater in the anchor locker for the past week and the area is now completely dry so glassing in the void will begin tomorrow. The final item is installation of a nicely crafted 1/4” stainless steel bracket to mount a Maxwell anchor chain stopper. This item will be placed in the same location as the deck repair so it’s vital that this area is solid. Finally, I’ve replaced all the incandescent lights on our 12 VDC distribution panel with LEDs…48 in all. Took about 6 hours of my time to rewire. But, the dead bulbs are gone and the new ones should last longer than we own the boat. A good day’s work.

We continue to enjoy the company of our friends, docktails with the Wallaces, the Artigras art festival with the Taylors and, a special treat, a visit from Ron and Nancy Goldberg, owners of N50 Duet. Owners of sisterships share a unique bond; the experiences unique to a particular boat, the refit challenges, the joys and the pain all at once. We always learn from our conversations and hope that they too benefit from our mistakes or successes. Hours fly by during such discussions.

While it has been exasperating at times feeling stuck at the dock who can complain? We love the lifestyle, the weather here is terrific, and the promise of future travels aboard Tivoli is just around the corner….can’t wait.

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