Where To?

It’s hot. 97 degrees yesterday, felt like 104. Looks like we will have to travel way north to find cooler weather; or just endure. We stopped at Atlantic Yacht Basin over two weeks ago. We had some work to be done; fresh bottom paint, both heads needed new joker valves, the pilothouse AC has had a long-term, yet intermittent, problem with high pressure errors. Surprisingly, Tivoli is quite cool with 3 of the 4 AC units in operation but the pilothouse unit is important. The pilothouse gets warmest with all the glass windows so we do want its AC unit to work. We hauled Tivoli last week and she now has a shiny new bottom. The AC has been thoroughly investigated without identification of the root cause. Yet, after thumping on the high pressure valve and checking all the wiring connections the unit seems to be working for now. We will have to wait and see if the errors return. We replaced the joker valves in both heads but the AYB tech cracked the bowl bolting the master stateroom head to its base. We are waiting on a replacement. More boatyard joy. The lesson here is stay away from boat yards if at all possible. If you pull into one for a simple one-day repair you may end up staying two weeks or two months!

Our original plan was to depart the Monday following the 4th of July madness. Perhaps we will leave next Monday, the 13th. Have to be flexible. The good news is we are within walking distance of restaurants, grocery, and some shopping. The bad news is there isn’t much to do other than boat projects. We have gathered some information from fellow cruisers however. They are uniform in saying Chesapeake Bay is hot, humid, full of jellyfish and rife with thunderstorms in July and August; perhaps a slight exaggeration. All recommend heading further north for July and August and return to explore the Chesapeake in September and October. Sounds good to us; but where to now?

We seem to have two options. Go to New York City and continue up the Hudson River until the temp is comfortable. Go to New York City and take the East River over to Long Island Sound and enjoy the Sound or points further north. Both have their merits; both have some downsides too. The Hudson is more rivers, locks, barges, etc. We’ve already done plenty of that. Long Island Sound, and New England is expensive and, worse yet, damn crowded….not appealing to me. Here is a Google Earth image of Marblehead MA….the white dots are boats, must be 1000 boats on moorings here; not my cup of tea.

We have a few days to ponder the options but, either way, motoring Tivoli into New York Harbor, past the Statue of Liberty , Ellis Island and into Manhattan would be a thrill. So, first steps first. Weather permitting, we will likely bypass the Chesapeake and head offshore direct from Norfolk to Cape May; then another offshore leg to NYC. We will enjoy Annapolis, Cambridge, Oxford, St. Michael’s, the Solomon’s and other favorites on Chesapeake Bay this Fall.

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